The WPIF's primary function is not as a promotional organisation (more on WPIF's Priorities and Objectives in the About WPIF section) however on an occasional basis we may get involved in assisting with a promotional campaign with our members.

MakeWoodWork and JOSB Done are examples of two promotional activities WPIF have been invovled in.  Whilst we are not actively maintaining these promotional activities, the websites and the information there in are still available and relevant.

Make Wood Work is a national campaign aimed at securing the long-term future of wood panel manufacturing in the UK. 
The future competitiveness of the industry is under threat - due to distortion of an already fragile wood supply and demand balance in the UK, caused by subsidies available to the energy generators under the Government's Renewables Obligation.

Make Wood Work Manifesto

The Make Wood Work Manifesto for the campaign summarises the findings of the major research studies as well as outlining the WPIF's call to action - which sets out the path it believes Government should take.

Designed to be an informative 'easy-read', it presents the key arguments in a straightforward style and makes a convincing case for the wood panel sector to be seen as an industry that deserves to be treated fairly.