• Date:Tue, Sep 6, 2016



    The Balance of GB Wood Supply and Demand is Changing

    A new report into future wood fibre supply and demand in Great Britain (GB) paints a picture of short-to-medium term opportunity; however, longer term concern remains regarding the forecast balance between supply and demand.

    The report, prepared by John Clegg Consulting Ltd on behalf of the forestry and wood-using sector, is based on updated forecasts of wood fibre availability published by the Forestry Commission and a survey of wood using businesses.

    The report shows, at the GB level, that the potential availability and demand of coniferous roundwood in Britain will continue to increase over the next 15 years.  Potential availability then falls back to its present level around 2035 before falling significantly below current levels until 2050 when it bottoms out, consequently demand could exceed supply by 2040. There are regional variations to this analysis, which are set out in the report.

    Confor, UKFPA, WPIF and Forestry Commission jointly commissioned the report and welcome its publication as a valuable contribution to investment planning by businesses in the sector as well as a resource for policy makers thinking about how they can work with the sector.

    The increasing availability of wood in the short-to-medium term provides an opportunity for further growth in the forestry and wood-using sector through continued investment and innovation, supporting increased employment, especially in rural areas. However, there are challenges for the sector to maintain growth after the forecast of availability falls below current levels after 2035. This highlights the need for action to maintain the current forest resource and to add to it through new planting.


    The report is available at: http://www.confor.org.uk/news/latest-news/the-balance-of-gb-wood-supply-and-demand-is-changing/

    This press release has been issued on behalf of the four organisations that commissioned the report.


    6 September 2016