BREEAM Introduction

BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) addresses a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues from energy to ecology. In order to gain BREEAM certification an assessment is carried out against the appropriate BREEAM Scheme Document and a score is given. The score is based on established benchmarks which evaluate the building's design, specification, construction and use.

The minimum score of 30 is achieved by gaining points in selected critical areas to which will result in the lowest grade which is a 'pass' and a score equal to or above 85 will achieve 'outstanding' (with additional criteria over and above 'excellent').

BREEAM Ratings:-

  • Unclassified = less than 30
  • Pass = greater than or equal to 30
  • Good = greater than or equal to 45
  • Very Good = greater than or equal to 55
  • Excellent = greater than or equal to 70
  • Outstanding = greater than or equal to 85 (including extra criteria)

The pages in this section are areas where wood based panels can help gain credits which help increase the overall score.


Issue Title: Hea 02 Indoor Air Quality - minimising sources of air pollution (4 credits available)
  • All WPIF member produced MDF, Particleboard and OSB are produced to formaldehyde class E1 according to Annex B 'Formaldehyde classes' of EN 13986:2004+A1:2015. 
  • No WPIF member produced MDF, OSB or Particleboard is manufactured with any preservatives incorporated.