• Date:Mon, Aug 3, 2009

  • The PanelGuide has been updated as of August 2009 to version 3 (V3).
    PanelGuide was prepared as a collaborative project between the Wood Panel Industries Federation, National Panel Products Division (A division of the Timber Trades Federation), TRADA Technology Limited and the Building Research Establishment Limited. 

    PanelGuide explains the current legislation (UK and European) affecting the use of wood-based panels in the UK construction industry and the design/decision making process involved in selecting a panel for a specific end use.  PanelGuide is aimed at construction professionals (specifiers, designers, building engineers, architects), panel manufacturers, distributors and users. It is intended to be used as a reference source for all types of wood-based panel, giving information quickly and in a simple and concise form as and when it is required. 

    The main changes are to bring the document up to date with changes in codes and standards, in particular changes with respect to MDF classifications, structural design codes and standards and the introduction of Flaxboard.