• Date:Fri, Feb 12, 2021


    Director General and WPIF notch up 25 years.



    Wood Panel Industries Federation Director General, Alastair Kerr has been recognised for 25 years of distinguished service which date back to the organisation's formation in 1996.


    WPIF was formed by the UK and Irish board manufacturers to support members processing activities as well as their products in the market.


    With a particular emphasis on technical environmental and regulatory matters, Alastair has steered an in-house team supported by external consultants to provide active engagement and representation for member companies on the key issues affecting the sector. These issues range from standards development, climate change, energy efficiency, recycling, industrial emissions and to advocating against the continuation of subsidies that support the burning of wood. Most recently the WPIF has led the industry’s response in successfully pressing for the closure of Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive on 31st March this year.


    The WPIF managing board presented Alastair with a Burr Elm bowl crafted by the Cumbrian artistic woodturner Jonathan Leech, in appreciation of his service to date.


    WPIF Chairman Chris Emery said: “By listening carefully to members, Alastair understands the ‘pulse’ of the sector and over the past 25 years has focused the Federation on the issues that are most important for the members and in doing so they have realised real benefit”.


    In response, Alastair said he had always sought to make the Federation “an integral part of the sector” and to gain trust as a “safe pair of hands” who can speak for the industry based on honest engagement at all levels across the membership.


    He added: “Over the past 25 years I have never taken any of this for granted and I look forward to a few more years working closely with the members.”