• Date:Fri, Apr 10, 2015

  • The European Panel Federation (EPF) General Assembly approved a revision of the statutes of the federation and (re-) elected EPF’s Managing Board. Following persons have been nominated: Mr Ladislaus Döry, Mr Martin Brettenthaler, Mr Ulrich Bühler, Mr Rui Manuel Correia, Mr Paolo Fantoni, Mr Henning Jensen, Mr Maciej Karnicki, Mr Andrew Macdonald, Mr Clive Pinnington, Mr Stefano Saviola, Mr Erlfried Taurer, Mr Bernard Thiers, Mr Kris Wijnendaele and Mr Michael Wolff.
    The General Assembly re-elected Mr Ladislaus Döry as Chairman and approved the appointments of Mr Clive Pinnington in the newly created position of Managing Director and Mr Kris Wijnendaele as Technical Director.
    With the appointment of Mr Pinnington, the Managing Board and General Assembly wish to significantly strengthen the capability and capacity of the EPF. This is to be able to deal in the best possible way with the many strategic challenges that the wood-based panels industry faces both today and in the future. Mr Pinnington has many years of senior management experience gained with supplier companies to the wood-based panels manufacturers and brings a wealth of talent and experience to the EPF Team.

    In addition, the EPF Managing Board and General Assembly welcomed and approved the application of the European Plywood Manufacturers as regular members of the federation.
    This expands the scope and activity field of the federation even further.
    The new members are:
    Regular members:
    • Latvijas Finieris AS,Latvia
    • Union des Frabricants de Contreplaqué (UFC), France
    • Koskisen Oy - Plywood Division, Finland
    • Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Tablero Contrachapado (AEFCON),
    • Assopannelli/Federlegno-Arredo - Plywood section,Italy
    • Verband der deutschen Holzwerkstoffindustrie (VHI) - Plywood WG, Germany
    • F.A. Mourikis F.A.,Greece
    • HESS & CO AG, Switzerland
    • Maderas de Llodio, Spain
    • Vyatsky Plywood Mill, Russia
    Associated members:
    • CEMA-Bois de l'Atlas, Morocco
    • Prefere Resins Finland Oy
    • Grenzenbach BSH GmbH,Germany
    • Kotkamills Oy, Finland